Leo Minaya

as Morgan Oliver

Jack Kesy

as Dean Kagan

Darra "Like Dat" Boyd

as Lane Williams

Madalyn McKay

as Peg Oliver

Theodore Bouloukos

as Dr. Thomas

Omar Gonzalez

as Ernesto Martin


Lane Williams

Darra "Like Dat" Boyd

In 2006, TV viewers all over the world fell in love with Darra “Like Dat,” Boyd, the charming, down-to-earth yet no-nonsense character from VH1’s hit show Flavor of Love Season 2 & Flavor of Love Girls Charm School Hosted by Mo’Nique.

Boyd, a New York native, currently resides in Jersey City.  She began her stand-up comedy career in 2007 performing on every relevant stage New York City, including the Eastville Comedy Club, NY Comedy Club and Broadway Comedy Club.  Her comedy show, “The Z Room,” which she hosts every Monday night in Murray Hill, has become one of the hottest comedy open mic nights in New York City.

She was recently cast for the new animated series The Borderhounds and has also made appearances on Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, Law & Order Criminal Intent, Mercy, Nurse Jackie, Rescue Me, The Big C, and in feature films SALT, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, The Adjustment Bureau and HBO’s You Don’t Know Jack.  Two international films helped secure her following in Moscow, where they continue to show Season 2 of the Flavor of Love with her voice dubbed over in Russian.

When approached by a close friend to audition for the role of Lane in Morgan, Darra grabbed the opportunity.  “I knew this was my chance to make the transition from reality television to mainstream drama… I knew I was Lane because it seems like my life and friends closely mirror the characters in the script. When I got the call that I got the part, I knew I had to take that role and make it my own.  It was the only way to make this film successful”.

If you ask Darra, “Where will we see you next?”  She always answers, “You never know where you’ll see me. You just might look up from your slice of pizza and there I am.  Only because, I’ve never been afraid of a paycheck!”