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Ben Budd

Ben also appears in the film as Wes, the bike shop

Benjamin Budd lives and works, as an actor and writer, in New York City. Having worked in entertainment professionally since the late 90's, Ben has followed his career through Chicago, Los Angeles, and now the East Coast, briefly taking time out of film to get a Master's degree in International Security in the United Kingdom.

He's placed in a number of major screenwriting competitions, including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 2007 Nicholl, and currently has two screenplays in pre-production. Writing interests include international dynamics, transcendentalism, and comedy, having also worked in stand-up and improv sketch. He's also appeared in a number of independent films, having been killed-off three times, and turned into a zombie once. Both of Ben's TV appearances wound up on the cutting room floor right beside the rest of his professional aspiration and self-esteem.

Ben and MichaelĀ AkersĀ met through a popular industry site for writers when Ben was still in Los Angeles. Having moved to NYC, the two became good friends, and Ben was thrilled when Michael offered him a role in the making of Morgan.

Other interests include vintage motorcycles, reading, pogo sticks, cat-juggling, and maps.