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Executive Producer - Writer - Producer

Sandon Berg

After graduating with a BFA in theater from Florida State University SANDON BERG moved to Los Angeles where he starred in several national commercial campaigns including Sears, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Subway. He also appeared in the West Coast premier of Nebraska, a play directed by Henry Polic II (of Webster fame), as well as an HBO Workspace production of The Witch. Sandon was recruited to start-up an internet investigation company specializing in intellectual property infringement and corporate fraud.  After successfully growing the company to nearly 50 employees with offices on both coasts, he returned to the entertainment industry penning, producing and starring in the avant-garde B&W W/Splash of Clown, a short film which experimented with several emerging video techniques.  His first feature film Gone, But Not Forgotten, won over 30 wreaths in festivals around the world, selling out and winning audience favorite awards in London, Sydney, Hamburg, Barcelona, Manila, Austin, Philadelphia, Memphis, Seattle, Chicago and Rochester.  Finding offers from distributors unsatisfactory, Berg launched his own distribution company.  As a result, Gone, But Not Forgotten has been released in several languages and grossed over thirty times its budget. His understanding of how to get a commercially viable story onto the page and then take it through production and market it for the screen makes him often consulted on low budget films.  He also wrote and produced other critically hailed and popular films including Phoenix and cult favorite MATRIMONIUM, in addition to coordinating on multi-million dollar films such as Disney’s Santa Clause 3.  Most recently, Berg has been hired to write the true story of Callie Michael, a woman whose abusive marriage ended on the same night she received the call that her only daughter attempted suicide while serving in the Navy.  Other projects in development include romantic comedy Even Steven, and Golden Years, a poignant dramedy about the desperate measures of an aging gay couple to maintain control of their lives in the face of terminal illness.