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Ryan Rapsys

For Ryan's discussion of his work on the score for the film and to hear clips, please visit the Music page.

As a student of music theory and composition, Ryan Rapsys studied traditional classical music composition and orchestration at the University of Minnesota Duluth while simultaneously developing self-taught techniques in electronic sound engineering, producing, sequencing, and mixing. Since then, he has been engaged in a number of dramatic music composition projects, including original music and sound design for several feature films and documentaries, numerous short films, theatrical productions and a wide range of commercial projects.

Besides composing music for picture, Rapsys remains active composing concert music for everything from piano to full orchestra. His concert music has been performed by several professional ensembles, including the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra, the Zeitgeist New Music Ensemble and the Gitchigami Piano Trio.

Rapsys is fascinated by the sonic possibilities of electronic and electronically manipulated music, and he continues to explore the various ways those sounds can be integrated into his compositions. He also composes and produces pop electronic music (primarily electronica, dance and hip-hop) and oftentimes freely allows these influences and experiences to subtly filter into all of his creative endeavors.

In 2011, Rapsys relocated from Duluth, Minnesota to Los Angeles. He continues to stay busy composing music for a variety of media including film, commercial and video projects in addition to composing classical concert music and various forms of electronic music.